Who is Jason Scott Livingston?

Jason 1

Hello, I am Jason Scott Livingston.

I love live services. There is nothing like managing the complicated processes of developing products and teams required to nurture a living product/service that has a constant live connection to your customer and client community.

My experience includes: Executive leadership, board directorships, operational leadership, customer experience, exceptional client services, effective brand community development, successful start-up endeavors, and effective change management projects. I have an established record of success at the General Management level (VP, Director, and CM) in setting up business units, teams, and live service deployments. My background is in support operations and outsourcing for customer experience, brand community development and management, and consumer support has provided me with hands-on development of worldwide contact center management, delivery, and improvement practices – advising world-class businesses on the best creative, financial, and strategic decisions to make in building their businesses in Russia, Europe, Asia, and the US in the scope of their customer impact (US, Russia, Philippines, India, Europe, Central / South America).

* General Operational Management (Full P&L, Managing Director, Global Reach)
* Start-Ups: Including New Business Unit Expansions
* Greenfield Contact Center Planning, Creation, and Execution
* Brand Community Strategy (Social, Community Management, New Marketing)
* Client Services Development, Delivery, and Management
* Customer Experience Development, Analysis, and Improvement
* Contact Center Strategy, Management, and Delivery
* Enterprise Software Development and Delivery (Agile) – Tech-Stack Oversight
* Trans-formative Change Management
* Social, Community, and Traditional Support Strategies
* Global BPO – Outsourcing
* Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
* Customer Retention
* Customer Aquisition
* Team Building and Development
* Project Management (PMP)
* Business Continuity

3 Responses

  1. Carston P. says:

    Hi Jason! I worked with Jason during his time with AOL in Europe. It was a pleasure to work with him, he was always very energetic about the projects that we were working on. I enjoyed the time I knew him, he made a lasting positive impression on me and I miss his insights.

    By the way, Nice picture, Jason – looks like you have a secret.

    – Carston

  2. Jason says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Carston.

    Next time I am in Germany, I’ll be sure to stop by. As for my picture, I guess my secret is how to deliver Customer-Centric focus across an entire enterprise. Too much?


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