Recommendation from Paul McInerney


“Jason is a inspirational leader who’s core passion is the delivery of service to the consumer base that is relevant, of its time, drives a deeper relationship and all in the context of prudent investment where it impacts most.

He is courageous in his chase for what is right for the consumer and is comfortable delivering his vision to any level of an organisation, backing up said vision with a clear and accurate definition of the problem statement and envisaged solution.

I have been lucky enough to work with Jason in separate companies and witnessed firsthand his ability to absorb the culture and values and align his working model and style to those companies, whilst keeping his own sense of identity and brand.

As a leader he strikes a great balance between guidance and democracy. He allows his reports to own their responsibilities, stepping in only when he feels its necessary.

Jason adds value across an organisation due to his breath of experience and is equally at home talking about marketing and finance as he is around his core recent responsibilities with customer experience and community.”

Paul McInerney

Site Director, Zynga Ireland, Operations Director, Shared Services, Customer Experience

May 12, 2015

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