Recommendation from Ruben Cortez


“I hired Jason into Bioware/EA in April 2009 and he reported to me until Dec 2010. During this time, Jason was the Customer Service Director for Bioware’s massive Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO project and was responsible for building our CS organization from the ground up. He was employee #1. Jason is a CS expert. His philosophy and approach on CS organizational structure is fantastic. He’s a diligent worker, willing to go above and beyond to insure his areas of responsibility are taken care. He has great soft skills, he makes everyone in his org feel like they have purpose. He understands the need to drive with passion, to build with confidence, and to build an organization with tried and true structure. He will always be a great resource to any company that is looking to solidify the quality of services it looks to impart on its customer base.”

– Ruben Cortez

Sr. Director, Global Online Services & European Operations, Bioware Austin / Electronic Arts Inc.

March 27, 2012


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