Recommendation from Talion Nelson


“Jason is a talented, big-picture leader who both gives and takes guidance well. When working with Jason, I always appreciated his sincere and professional approach to making business decisions, coaching others and managing through difficult situations.”

– June 6, 2010

Talion Nelson was the General Manager of the call center in Oklahoma City for AOL. He had a background in more strategic roles, having come from their corporate office in Virginia. He was an advocate for Jason, helping him to reach his potential and mentoring him through to operations mastery, and then back to more strategic opportunities in Bangalore, India and then internationally for AOL Time Warner.  In one of his annual reviews he said, “Jason’s strengths are his personal and professional integrity, a charisma that makes others pay attention when he speaks, his creativity, articulation of ideas and his professional appearance.”

Talion Nelson – General Manager AOL Time Warner Inc. – 22.02.2002

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